Welcome to Joe Knows FW!

Yes, my name is Joe, and I’ve lived in the area (Near Southside, Cultural District, and downtown,) for about 25 years, but I’ve lived in Fort Worth for my entire life. I’m fascinated by how Fort Worth has become a culinary destination, and my hope is that my fascination and knowledge of the area, will translate into a blog that you’ll find interesting and filled with information.

Most of what you’ll read will include these areas of Fort Worth:

·       *  Magnolia/Near Southside

·       *  South Main

·       *  Downtown

·       *  Crockett Row

·       *  Clearfork

·       *  WestBend

        * The Foundry

        * The River District

        * Camp Bowie District

 ...and all areas in between, but, of course, there will be others places I’ll cover  as well. This is a huge undertaking simply because of the incredible number of bars and restaurants in the area plus the building that continues in the area, especially in the West 7th and Camp Bowie, and Clearfork areas, I will devote myself full time and I hope you’ll join me on this incredible, fun, and tasty journey!

(for the most recent restaurant visits, please visit my Instagram page @joeknowsfw)